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Harminder truly believes that when you are inspired by something magnificent, all of your thoughts come alive; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a another world, where no norms exist. Where you get to create whatever you want with whichever passion you have, it's a world filled with passion and love creating something beautiful.

His Vision

Harminder Singh Boparai is a sculptor par excellence creating magic with his art by moulding clay, and sculptures in all mediums and breathing life into them to create masterpieces that have a distinct specialty is delightful to the senses indeed.His sculptures have a rare infusion and amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary ideas.

Each masterpiece is an inspiration and has a story hidden behind it.

Harminder dreams beyond the stars and has the power of an indomitable spirit to achieve those dreams. The culmination of these lofty dreams create a true artist showered with divine love and blessings that art live beyond time. An inspiration to uplift the human spirit. He has a special task of reminding men of their humanity and the promise of their creativity. Harminder Singh Boparai –truly God’s own.

His Journey

Year of 1980 he was born in village Ghudani Kalan, Punjab, India where he grew up at a farmhouse in middle of the fields spanning acres, chirping birds, long wisps of clouds, sublime sunrises and sunsets. Oh what a sight they offered to him. Nature, the art of God gave him his first artistic and profound experience.This created a very humble background, which led Harminder from a very young age to form an unbreakable bond with Mother Nature, by acquiring warmth and nourishment like a baby attains love and tender care from his mother. In 1991, due to wrong medication while typhoid's treatment, Harminder had a paralytic attack on the right side of his body. He was bed-ridden for three years. When every treatment failed to cure him, he treated himself with his own grit. "I used to do extensive exercise. Gradually, I started to walk with support and then I started gym. My right hand was numb, it had no sensation, but I didn't give up. With the help and support of my father I started to walk with support. My elder brother died in an accident when he was 26, my family was heartbroken. I couldn't see them in pain. Although my paralytic attack has left my speach unclear. I am very thankful that I am healthy and doing something that feeds my soul." Harminder says in an article written by La Blend Magazine.

Living in the lap of nature, while doing agricultural farming with his own hands, carrying on with the dream of his father and fulfilling his own.The seed of art was embedded into the heart and soul of Harminder, the seed that would soon grow into a rich, prosperous, tree that would provide comfort and solace to all the travelers who would come under its shade. The spark of a new passion was first ignited by Harminder’s music teacher, Mrs Manoneet Kalsi at Gobindgarh Public College (Punjab, INDIA). The burning passion and the raw talent was remarkably chiseled and polished by two master renowned painter and sculptor - Mrs. Karuna Mohindra of Tac Academy of Fine Arts and Jaswinder Singh Mehndi Pur. Harminder saw his purpose in life, which is to create rare masterpieces made with sheer determination, zeal and flair.

Mr. Harminder Singh Boparai has taught sculpting , anatomy , and related subjects since 2007, as an Art teacher at Sat Paul Mittal School and INIFD, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Present Time

Harminder has started a new journey in a new country of United States of America. He imigrates here with high hopes of continuing his passion, and touching lives of art lovers. He will be participating in Art Prize 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a start of something great, and he is excited to see where life will take him next.



  • Selected in Top 100 Dynamic list in Artprize 2016, installation, "My Nephew" at Grandrapids MI(USA)
  • Gold Medal from Punjabi University,Patiala in 2002
  • Appreciation Certificate from Punjab Lalit Kala 2011
  • Punjab Lalit Kala Award 2012
  • Best Art Work Award 2012 in Delhi International Film Festival
  • National Art Icon Award 2014 from Hammer Art Tag in AIFACS, Delhi
  • Award of Excellence 2014 from India Academy of Fine Art, Amritsar


  • State: Lalit Kala Chandigarh
  • Lalit Kala Punjab,2010,2011,2012,2013
  • Indian Academy of Fine Arts,Amritsar 2015
  • National: Indian Academy of Fine Arts,Amritsar 2007,2008,2009,2011,2012,2013 & 2014
  • All India Exhibition 2011, Gaiety Theater,Mall Road, Shimla
  • Delhi Indernational Film Festival 2012,2013 & 2014
  • International Art Exhibition 2012 by SODEFA, Changigarh


  • November 2004 Group Exhibition at Welcome Palace,Ludhiana.
  • August2005 "Srijan "Group Exhibition at TAC Art Gallery,Ludhiana
  • December 2009 "Parwaz" Solo Exhibition at Gallery Artmosphere,Ludhiana
  • May 2011 "All Indian Art Exhibition" in Gaety Theater,Mall Road Shimla
  • October 2011, "Kaleidosope"Group Exhibition at Virsavihar, Jalandher
  • February2012 "Magical Moments"Group Exhibition by Finesse Art at lreo Water Front, Ludhiana
  • September 2012, "Parwaz 2" Solo Exhibition M.S. Randhawa Art Gallery,PAU, Ludhiana"
  • November 2012 "Cocktail" Group Exhibition at Artmosphere Gallery,Ludhiana
  • February 2013 "Contemporary Art Exhibition" by Ocher Art , Chandigarh
  • March 2013 "Asha" Group Exhibition by Finesse Art at Epicentre, Gurgaon
  • May 2013 "Expressions" Group Exhibition at Artmosphere
  • August 2013 Mind Modernist in Demand" Group Exhibition at India Havitat Center, Delhi
  • October 2013 "Instance 13" Group Exhibition at Virsa Vihar,Jalandhar
  • January 2014 Group show at Chiranjiv Bharti School
  • April 2014 ""Inner Vision" Group Exhibition at India Habitat Centre,Delhi.
  • May 2014 "Opulence" Group Exhibition at Epicentre, Gurgaon.
  • August 2014 "Ekam" Group Exhibition at Habitat Centre,Delhi.
  • November 2014 "TAC Art Carnival" at Ishmeet Institute, Ludhiana
  • December 2014 "Inner Konnect" Group Exhibition at india Habitat Centre, Delhi
  • December 2014 in "Unison Eassy in Paint" Group Exhibition by Art File In chandigarh.
  • April 2015 "Motley Hues" Group Exhibition by Art file Chandigarh
  • April 2015 "Art and the City" Group Exhibition at Sutlej Culb,Ludhiana
  • May 2015 "Kaleidoscope" at vision Art, Vasant Vihar,Delhi
  • September 2015 "Expression 2015" Group Exhibition at Bistro 226, Ludhiana
  • Solo Exhibition "ZERO TO INFINITY" November - December 2016 at Van Singel Fine Art Center MI(USA)
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Harminder Boparai
Studio :5182,
Red River Ave,
Grandville,Michigan. USA 49418
Mobile No : 001-616-717-3270
Email :harminder.singhspms@yahoo.in
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